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Testimonials and the truth

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

We received an email from a client last week following a meeting, and thought we would share some of the feedback given to us:

“Thanks a lot for your time today. We do feel that the rigour and length to which you have gone to understand our POV to incorporate in the design is exceptional and we are grateful for the same.”

I asked if I could use this as a testimonial, and he agreed with one condition; “please do not publish my name because I am media shy”. This is fair enough, and so we have respected the client's wishes.

I was speaking to a potential new client who liked our website, in particular, some of the projects highlighted there because they’re the sort of thing he wishes to achieve with his house alterations. In fact, he liked everything about us but pointed out that we don’t have many client testimonials or reviews.

This is a frustration I have; clients tell us how much they appreciate what we do, but trying to get them to write something is so difficult. I told my new client this (he has now commissioned us), and we laughed at how easy it’d be to create some fictitious reviews, so the fact that I haven’t must prove something. He also said that he would be suspicious of reviews that were all too glowing, this is of course true. I did mention that sometimes clients say they’re too busy, but if I write something suitable they’ll put their name to it, I have done this on very few occasions. I find it really hard to write a glowing report of our work, so now I know that it shouldn’t be too glowing so as to be believable. Perhaps with that knowledge, I’ll find it easier!

Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

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