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Sonja & Matt

Building Tectonics worked on the designs for our open plan living/dining extension at the end of last year and we finished the build late this Summer.  Many thanks for the great variety of designs that really helped us get to where we wanted; along with the help we had throughout the structural calculations and planning process. Thank you as it looks great and we are really pleased with the end result


First of all, we absolutely love our extension, it transforms our house! Everything feels more spacious and less ‘boxy’ – its impact is bigger than expected. Thank you so much for your help with this. We feel we have a new house on the same address! Even our garden looks bigger, how unexpected


Building Tectonics architectural services are excellent. Their expertise and knowledge in matters related to development and construction have been excellent. For example in advising around building control issues and more notably with help in figuring out which Party Wall notices would be necessary for a development they have helped me with. I recommend them for their primary services, but they are also extremely helpful with peripheral building construction/development information as well!


Building Tectonics were very attentive in helping us to achieve our aims at the design stage, producing clear, detailed building plans. Although quite modest, our requirements were very specific and so we were distraught when our builder said it could not be done. I contacted Tony Keller of Building Tectonics and within an hour he had met with the builder. Thanks to his own hands-on experience of building work he was able to make informed suggestions as to how the problem could be resolved and, as a result, our project was back on track with the original design and aims intact.



I contacted our local council for architects names on their approval list. I am delighted to say I chose the above company. Whether they are happy I decided on them, is a matter for them to decide!

I am not a difficult person generally but on this issue, I have changed my mind several times and had to have new plans drawn up again and again. It’s taken many months for me to finally say “That’s it – That’s the one”! Watching the seasons unfold revealed how open my garden was to the public in the winter with no leaves on the trees, so the delay proved positive outcome because the last plan changed everything on its head. At no time did Mr Keller make me feel like a pain or a difficult character and was very understanding.

Mr Tony Keller, first came to my home in May 2016, he spent many hours discussing our lifestyles, taking time to understand our circumstances and situation and as I am now disabled, tactfully making future adjustments to our current layout. Mr Keller and his wonderful staff have shown patience and a sympathetic ear to my changes.


Building Tectonics have been great right from the outset. We had moved into a house where we were not entirely comfortable with the layout of the rooms downstairs and wanted to create a better flow and less closed off areas. Tony came around for a consultation and listened to our issues and came up with some excellent suggestions and drawings of changes that we could make. We would never have been able to manage this alone and would certainly not have come up with the plan that we have selected. I will almost certainly be recommending the Company to all who will listen.


Parish Councillor came to talk to me to commend the proposed design following the Parish planning meeting and said if only more people in the area would do similar!! Testament to you guys!

Kitchen-Aisle-2-1024x683 (1).jpg

Michael and Thao

We would like to thank you for all the advice and support you have given us. We really love your grand design drawings which involve the complete demolition of our current house and rebuild from your design. Your team have listened carefully to what we are trying to achieve and came up with many useful ways to best suit our ideas and budget. We highly recommend your excellent service and can’t wait to see the big transformation when we finish the build..


I recently had an issue with a planning application with Milton Keynes Council (for a Listed Grade 2 Building ) who required floor plans and drawings to scale to be submitted before approval. I contacted Building Tectonics for advice and they were incredibly helpful and offered to do whatever they could to overcome any issues. I spoke with Tony Keller who, although busy, made time for me and reassured me of his willingness to help and advise. It was so refreshing to deal with a company who went out of their way to help.


Building Tectonics provided excellent customer service from the start to finish. I fully agree with a customer’s testimonial that the firm has time for everyone. As a young couple they were the only firm that took us seriously and listened to our ideas. They generated designs and solutions that helped us achieve our ideal family home.

Building Tectonics is a very professional and approachable company that you can rest assured will go above and beyond for you. I would have no hesitation in recommending Building Tectonics.

Thank you Tony and your team at Building Tectonics for all your hard work.

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