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Get your Home Autumn Ready

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

You may have spent the last 6 months undertaking those neglected DIY jobs and bigger home improvements; but have you kept on top of the important house maintenance jobs that need undertaking throughout the year? Next week is the official start of Autumn and the best time to prepare your home for the chillier months – especially if we should go into a second national lockdown. We thought we would help by sharing some simple tips to get your house Autumn ready which will help save you stress, time and money.

Get your boiler serviced Getting your boiler serviced can be expensive which is why not everyone gets round to it. However, the last thing you want is for it to break down in the depths of winter and you end up with no hot water or heating. There is also the worry that you may struggle to find someone who can fix your boiler right away and therefore, end up paying out of hours rates or emergency callout prices.

Having your boiler regularly serviced means it is working in tip top condition plus it will have been checked for carbon monoxide leakages. If you want complete peace of mind it helps to have a monthly service plan. This often includes your annual service but does mean you are covered for any break-downs or work needed. You then have more chance of getting your boiler fixed in the winter months and can enjoy a cosy home without the worry of it potentially breaking down.

Insulate your pipes Another way to make your heating more efficient during the winter months is to lag your pipes. Lagging is where you put foam insulation tubes over any external pipes. They are inexpensive to buy, easy to install and not only reduce heat loss but also protect your pipes from freezing and bursting in cold weather.

Get your chimney swept If you love your cosy open fire or wood-burner during the cooler months; it is important to make sure it is regularly swept to get rid of the build-up of soot and things that can drop down your chimney. Chimney sweeps are very in demand once Autumn starts so get booked in now to avoid the rush.

Check your garden fences Both Autumn and Winter can feature very wet and windy weather; so, check all your fences to see if any repairs are needed or reinforcements; as again once the bad weather hits fence repair companies will be in high demand.

Clear drains and gutters Autumn brings stunning coloured leaves but also means these unfortunately drop into your drains and gutters and can easily cause blockages. When heavy rain or snow then occurs you risk leaks or damage to your home if water cannot drain away properly. Make sure you check for obvious cracks or damage and clear your gutters and drains of leaves and moss before the Winter weather sets in.

Take care of your windows Houses that have wooden window frames or windowsills might need more care as wet weather and freezing temperatures can make untreated wood expand and even rot. Protect your windows by filling in any cracks, check that any sealant around the edges is still firmly in place and tidy up any paint where needed.

Check your roof and chimney The roof on your home is an area you might not pay much attention to or even think about. However, if your roof or chimney are leaking, water can damage your home, discolour your walls and cause a lot of damage to your property and belongings in the loft and rooms below.

Check that your roof tiles are still firmly in place and that any flashing and pointing is in good condition. Even if it looks ok, all you need is heavy snowfall or a bad period of wind and rain to dislodge tiles or mortar. This then allows draughts and water to sneak into your home.

Being prepared will pay off come Autumn and Winter Autumn and Winter are traditionally thought of as being the cosy time of year where we snuggle up on the sofa in front of the fire with the family.  However, if your house isn’t prepared ahead of time, you may find that the colder weather brings plenty of problems that you need to fix at a time when there will be big demand and therefore, extra expense. By undertaking these jobs now, you can relax and look forward to snuggly nights without the worry of something breaking down or going wrong; as the temperatures get colder and we have more rain and blustery winds.

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