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Have faith!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

We have recently had two new enquiries from potential clients for very similar projects. The houses are quite similar, even the requirements of the clients are fairly similar as well. One of these two enquirers has taken the plunge and commissioned us, and the other is hesitant because he is not sure that the house will ever meet his needs. This is very frustrating for us because we can almost always arrive at a solution to the problem and produce a scheme which achieves all of the main requirements. Sometimes we do not always achieve all of the less important items, but in many cases, we do that as well. We ensure that our fees are not an obstacle by keeping them as low as we can, but it seems that any cost is too much for some. I can understand this in some ways, but given that in most cases clients end up spending thousands of pounds on the building work our fees to do a thorough investigation are small.

The client who has commissioned us has left our office today with some preliminary schemes (four which we produced for this particular project), and he was blown away by what we have given him. We have now asked him to come back to us with some comments and armed with those I believe that we can improve on what we have already done. He even mentioned a certain style for the house to be designed as on the exterior; he wanted a modern architectural style, as many do. Sadly, the other potential client may not be brave enough to ever commission us, and I really can see it from their point of view, it is an act of faith to commission us or any other architectural firm, this is true.

All that I can say to the hesitant is that most of our commissions end up with some work being carried out to the house, and I have never been told by a client that they wish they had not bothered. Very occasionally, projects stall because the house just cannot be turned into what the clients want, but this happens so seldom, and even when it does, the clients can leave that house knowing just that.

As one client said to me in respect of such a stalled project, now having brought a new house

Well, we know that moving was the right thing to do, we have no doubt about that. Can you come and look at our new house as we are sure that you can improve it for us.”

For those out there sitting on the fence, please have faith, it really is such a good investment!

Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

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