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Architecture and it’s origins.

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I write about architecture and architectural related things on this blog on a weekly basis…so I had a thought; ‘where did the word “architecture” actually come from?’.

Research shows us that the word “architecture comes from the Latin word ‘architectura’ but this in turn was derived from the Greek word ‘architekton’.  So no prizes for guessing why our company is called Building Tectonics!

The main use for the word ‘architecture’ tends to refer to the built environment, but apart from that, the term has come to denote a variety of different things, including the design stage of building plans, or plans of an object or system of some sort.

The word is also used in terms of abstract things, like music or maths. It is also used in terms of the ‘architecture’ of natural things, like the structure of biological cells, or geological formations for example. And finally, it can also be used in the sense of human made things like software, computers, enterprises and databases, as well as buildings.

Any way you look at it, architecture can be seen as a subjective mapping from a human perspective of the elements or components that together form some type of structure or system.

Written by Jade Turney – Building Tectonics Ltd.

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