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Space Kraft, our sister company.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Space Kraft is a new premier architectural design service, based in Milton Keynes. It’s the sister company to Building Tectonics, with the same approach to work.

Space Kraft can help you with changing the character of your property to suit the way in which you would like to live. The service that Space Kraft provides can also help you with adding value to your house if you wish to sell it in the future because your house is your biggest asset in most cases. Be this in the form of a complete ‘makeover’, or even taking on a holistic approach to how the rooms inside connect, Space Kraft are willing and ready to help you obtain your dream house.

They also offer a design service using 3D modelling and computer-generated, photo-realistic images to help clients understand design options. Some clients can’t visualise a 2D plan as easily as others, so a 3D model helps them to see the vision which the architectural designer has for them. Once the 3D model has been created, a ‘fly around’ can also be made available. This is a short video, taken from a point of view (usually a high point, so that you can also see how the roof works with the building externally) that ‘flies’ around the model so that a client can get a feel for how the exterior will work.

If a client is not sure about what they want then the service is there to offer alternatives and give any advice needed for the client to make the best decision possible for them. Space Kraft can help with suggesting exterior treatments to improve kerb appeal and future saleability.

Check out the Space Kraft Website at

Written by Jade Turney – Building Tectonics Ltd

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