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Not looking so tired anymore…

Updated: Oct 27, 2022



For this particular project, the client already had plans prepared by architects to demolish their rather tired looking bungalow. This was to be done to create enough space to build a new house altogether, and the client had intentions of living in this new house. When builders quoted the schemes for this project, it became clear that this idea could not be economically justified.

We were then commissioned to improve the existing bungalow architecture, bearing in mind that the clients now intended to sell the property rather than live in it. We looked at a number of different options, and then based on what we believe most clients nowadays ask for, we developed a scheme that we thought would achieve the best returns possible when sold.

The clients have now decided to live in the bungalow themselves, and who can blame them? They’ve done a brilliant job on the kitchen , the grouting and polishing of the granite floor tiles. It looks fantastic and I would like to think that they will enjoy this remodelled and renovated home as much as much as the thought of their initial house which never came to be. It’s so satisfying to work on a project like this and we are very grateful for any clients giving us the opportunity to work on them.



Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

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