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New commission near Leighton Buzzard.

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Our clients had heard about our reputation in respect of renovating and modernising houses. They have a really nice bungalow in a fantastic position near Leighton Buzzard, on the face of it what the house lacks is primarily decent-sized bedrooms and kerb appeal. When we say kerb appeal in this instance, it isn’t just the initial view but also the journey to the front door. For its location, it could also do with being a little larger.

We find that with this type of project a 3D model is really helpful as a design tool and moreover as a way of showing the client what we are proposing. What we show here is this ongoing project, but hopefully, this serves to demonstrate just how descriptive these 3D models can be.

Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd

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