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Feasibility Scheme Drawings

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

We pride ourselves on getting the architectural plans for our schemes right, but this is almost guaranteed not to happen on the first try. So when we are commissioned to do a feasibility study, we will keep drawing up alternative designs until we get something that the client is happy with before moving on to the next stage. Sometimes we come up with a number of schemes which explore very different ideas, and sometimes there can be minor alterations as the client gets closer to a final design. It’s so important to get a design that the client agrees with before moving on to the next stage, as if the client changes their minds at any point after this stage it can cause problems which may well make the remainder of the process longer.

Below is an image of a set of schemes we have been working on in the office to give you an idea of the kinds of ideas which have been generated by our team for a particular client.

Scheme ideas
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