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Potential for resale

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

As with any project, the potential for resale should always be borne in mind. If we work together to create a really nice house, when you’re ready to sell, it will sell quickly and command the best possible price. It’s worth saying at this point that to do the job well doesn’t necessarily cost more; it does, however, mean it’s important that the design team (that’s the client and Building Tectonics working together) should take enough time at the feasibility scheme stage to look at a range of ideas where possible, and then refine the most promising.

The time has come for the Abella’s to move and as we often hear from clients, the house has sold almost immediately for the best price possible in this area of town. We’re confident that the buyers will also enjoy the house and realise the best price possible when the time comes. As we often remind clients; it’s not just a home, it’s also your most important asset.

We are grateful to Penrose estate agents for the use of their internal photos.

Written by Tony Keller - Building Tectonics

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