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Keeping you up to date with live projects.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We’re trying something which we haven’t done before; which is tracking a project and keeping you all up to date on its progress via fortnightly posts on Facebook.

The first project which we will be keeping you up to date on is a bungalow which is a bit dated in both style and layout. Our brief was to give them a design which provided a larger kitchen and entertaining space on the ground floor and to create the first floor with a view above the top of the trees growing in the valley below. We have also been asked to give the external look of the building and make it more contemporary.

The design which was chosen means raising the ridge with a steel frame to create the first floor space needed for this kind of layout. It will be a special house when the building work is complete, and so we look forward to when it is finished.

Written by Jade Turney  – Building Tectonics

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