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Home improvements to do whilst self-isolating

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Today marks a new period of uncertainty for the nation with many people now working from home due to the threat of COVID-19; along with the first day of school closures across England. As we are all advised to socially distance ourselves with the threat of lockdown on the horizon; it’s not surprising people are wondering what they will do in the upcoming weeks or months if they are stuck at home so, we thought we would help by sharing some ideas for home improvements.

However, worrying it is and with many people now having to also home school, being restricted to staying at home is also an opportunity to get all those jobs completed that you started – but never quite got around to finishing. If you have kids at home it is good to get into a routine of homeschooling (alongside potentially working from home if you are able to) and in between and at weekends you can try and fit in those jobs that you never get the chance to do. It’s also a great way to get the kids more involved with household chores and projects to give them a different type of ‘learning’ experience alongside their academic work.

Painting Whether you love painting your home or dread it; most people have a room in their house (or maybe the whole house) that could do with updating. It is so simple to transform a room with a new lick of paint or sometimes even just painting a feature wall or chimney breast can freshen a room up. Be quick though as the paint is flying off the shelves at the moment; as people up and down the country are deciding to make the most of their time self-isolating.

Start that DIY job you’ve been putting off Everybody has a list of home improvements that we’ve been meaning to do and just never quite got around to doing. It may be simple jobs like replacing light bulbs or putting shelves up or bigger jobs like repainting the skirting boards or decluttering the garage or loft. Whatever the jobs are, big or small, start them now whilst you have the opportunity.

Upcycle If you have always thought of starting an upcycling project, now is the time. You may have a chest of drawers you would like to renovate by repainting them or would maybe like to make a new seating area in the garden out of wooden pallets. Either way upcycling is a great way to repurpose something no longer fits or is used for its original purpose and save it from ending up in a landfill.

Get cleaning Again this is a task that you either love or hate but it is even more essential at this moment in time. Draw yourself up a daily schedule and try and clean a room a day giving it a really deep clean. It not only keeps the germs away but is great for your mental health; so, get on top of your cleaning schedule whilst you have the chance and get the kids involved too.

Get organised We are now in the first few days of Spring and the weather is already improving, therefore, take this opportunity to organise your wardrobe (and the kid’s wardrobes). Go through outfits and see if any are no longer worn or are outgrown and take them to the charity shops. Do the same with the kid's toys and go through them to see which ones they have grown out of or no longer play with, and either sell them or donate them.

Tidy the garden Although we are being advised to avoid public places this doesn’t mean our gardens are off limits. Whilst it’s warm get outside and start clearing up and getting ready for Summer. Cut the grass, tidy the flowerbeds and pressure wash any decking and paving so you are ready to make the most of being at home and spending time together in the garden.

Grow some plants or start a vegetable garden With more time on your hands, you could try growing your own plants from cuttings from your existing plants. Find some jars and pop the cuttings in water, place them on your window sill and once the roots begin to sprout you can plant them in soil-filled pots. The kids will love learning about and growing their own plants and vegetables and you could make it into a competition.

Rearrange a room If you have a room at home that needs a refresh, just try moving the furniture around. It can give it a new lease of life and make you feel like you have a new room to enjoy spending time in when you are bored of looking at the same 4 walls. Get the kids involved If you do have kids at home and have to home school; make some of these tasks part of their daily learning to mix up their day and give them a break from their academic work. It also teaches them new skills that will better equip them for the future.

Whatever your situation put your family and their safety first and spend time together through this uncertain period, whilst using the time to make your home as comfortable and beautiful as possible. We all want to make the most of the outdoors once we can go out again and if you get all the jobs completed now; it means you can enjoy every minute of freedom once we have the opportunity again.

Please be safe everyone, stay at home and we will get through this!

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