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Design – it can be difficult.

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Every project we work on is different, and coming up with architectural design solutions isn’t always easy. However, we pride ourselves on being able to produce at least one solution that works well. This is why during the feasibility stage we keep working on a project until we find a scheme that is satisfactory.  When designing, we like to take all of our client's requirements into consideration to fulfil their wishes, however, it can be challenging to come up with a compromise between room arrangement and making the layout technically feasible. Experience can help but occasionally we have to do a lot of background work to ensure that what we are suggesting to the client can be done.

Initially, we start with what we believe is the most complex requirement asked for by the client and look for alternatives. We repeat this process for each piece of criteria; this quickly narrows down the available arrangements. Sometimes there is no solution that achieves all the client's requirements and so you have to ditch one and start over.

This is why the feasibility scheme process sometimes takes more time than we usually estimate. It seems to me that clients that have worked in the creative industry understand that creativity cannot always happen in order. Last week a client was surprised to hear that we would need another week before sending him the proposed schemes. Upon receiving them he now understands and is delighted by how much extra effort has gone into the idea. We wouldn’t have expected that this last-minute thought would have turned into the best design.

Of course, “best” can be subjective and clients occasionally get schemes that do not meet all their objectives but we like to give them the chance to reevaluate their wish list in light of our findings.

All I can say to prospective clients is please be patient, it’s not because we are dragging our feet.

Written by Tony Keller - Building Tectonics

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