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Considering the future…

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Here in the UK, it’s been snowing this week, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon! It’s worth noting that generally, houses here don’t really give you much space for the hanging of coats and placing of snow-covered boots anywhere that’s out of the way and won’t cause a nuisance. It’s a given that in a few days this will probably all be over, spring will truly arrive and these winter-themed pieces of apparel will return to the darkest depths of the wardrobe. That being said, entrance halls can be nice to have, if space will allow they can function as more than just a vestibule for storage and keeping the cold draughts out.

When you invite friends into your home it’s more practical to have a designated space for hanging and storing outerwear. This often takes up a significant amount of storage space, but most UK homes lack this and so when visitors come we end up stepping back into the main house to allow space for people to walk in. As the host you often find yourself taking the guest's outerwear and placing it over the bannister or onto a chair, of course, of all the things that we have to consider and the spatial challenges we face due to our undersized houses the entrance hall is quite low down on the list of priorities for most. However, even where the opportunity is available it’s often not considered.

It’s good to always consider the future, potential buyers who come to view your house will judge based on their first impressions.

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