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Bungalow improvements – A bit of a ‘facelift’

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Architects had previously prepared a scheme for a new house to replace this bungalow, but once the cost was it was apparent the project would be uneconomic. We were then commissioned to improve the existing building to a high standard so that it could be readily sold.

We prepared a number of proposals and the client chose (in our view) the best of these. To call the adopted scheme a make-over is a little bit misleading, the change from the front is subtle, but by raising the roof a little, we have provided some bedrooms in the roof space, plus we’ve also moved the chimney. Clearly, the original bungalow’s architect had intended the chimney to be an external feature, but this meant the fireplace was badly situated within. The fireplace has now been rebuilt so that it provides a focal point within the lounge.

With the modest extension at the rear, the internal layout now provided ample space but more importantly, the layout works so beautifully now. The superb kitchen and family room all overlook the mature rear garden. The upshot to all of this is that our clients decided not to sell the property, but to live in it themselves.


Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

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