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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Traditional Conservatories are cruel!


We have completely transformed the conservatory into what we call a garden room. To us this means a room looking out on the garden that can be used all year round. It involves putting a proper roof over the glazed area. We can often retain the glass perimeter and floor too, although sometimes some changes to these elements are needed. Our technique does not involve any lightweight insulation layer as sold by some companies who have, like us, realized that there is a general dissatisfaction with conservatory owners. We advocate an independent structural system and a traditional roof. If done correctly, it shades the space in the summer, keeps the heat in during winter and gets rid of the nasty, dirty looking, creaking, badly insulated security risk that is the polycarbonate roof.

Ok, you would have been well advised to do it properly the first time around, but nonetheless, we may be able to help so that this space can truly be regarded as part of the house and yet create that all year around connection with the garden.

It may be too late to save all your conservatory plants but stop this cruelty now! Put them out in the garden and promise yourself that you will get the situation resolved before the poor little things have to suffer the biting cold of the mid-winter conservatory freeze.

Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

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