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The Wrestlers - our vision.

We have been working on this project for some time and have previously submitted a planning application for the conversion and refurbishment of this ancient building. The Planning authority rejected it out of hand in our view although it is true that some critical issues were and remain contentious and insoluble, the planning authorities being as they are, also listed items such as the lack of car charging points as a good reason for refusal. This is sad because we are talking about the very continued existence of a late mediaeval house and a very rare example too. We have now reassessed and rationalised the proposals and what we show here is the result of many hours of thought, consultation and preparation. It is true that the one big contentious issue that binds those of a trivial disposition and those that care about the bigger picture of Newport Pagnell all have in common is the lack of any parking proposed. Simply put we have no space for parking. If the building is to be returned to something useful for future generations then we need to use a portion of the site to build something new, with value, so the money can be raised to fund the refurbishment. The very simple truth is, we build something that does not fulfil all the current criteria for parking, or we condemn this building to its slow painful death. It's a choice between our current and passing preoccupation with the motor car or paying homage to our past.


It's about making grown up choices, dealing with the world as it is, and not just as you want it to 

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