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Remodelling in Buckinghamshire

It's always great to go back to see a finished project, especially when clients are so appreciative and pleasant. Not that this was just a social. In this instance, our clients wish to carry out some further work. The original brief, in essence, was to improve the internal layout of the house and do something about the dark and dingy entrance hall. At the time, another less critical issue for our clients was the external appearance, but it was not at the top of the list. However it was an issue and as we looked at ways to open up the entrance area, it became clear that redesigning the front facade would achieve so many things. It's funny but many clients seem loath to put something on the A list and it is because they doubt whatever it is can be achieved. This is why we encourage clients to give us an A list, a B list and even a C list because it allows them to give vent to a nagging aspect of their house, but without the angst or anxiety of making it a crucial aspect of the house redesign process. I think they feel that to do so may jeopardise the project at the very start because they feel they are asking the impossible. Anyway, it all came together beautifully and like all good designs (in our view) 'form follows function'. Once the function of the entrance was established, namely it's the way in, it's where you meet and greet, it's where you take off and store your outside ware and most importantly, it's where you start the journey into the house. It's the visitor's introduction and a first glimpse into the host's home and like they say, 'you can only have the first introduction once', and you want to get it right. You can set the tone, mood and manner practically on the doorstep if you desire, whether it is sophistication, simple elegance, modern or chic. Once we had established what we were trying to say, the rest fell together. Other little B and C list things that magically happened such as the hidden hole created in one of the front gables, which is much loved by the grandchildren when staying over.


It is now required to create a guest suite within part of the original accommodation and I really look forward to working with these clients on how we can create something spacious, bright and practical in what is quite a tight space. Watch this space, as they say.

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