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Refurbishment in Pennyland

The Grey family wanted to completely refurbish the family home to give them the space they wanted, but also create a brand new, fresher look externally. Other aspects on the agenda were to make the house energy efficient. The ground floor was extended to provide more space and wrap the old 1970s exterior with much better insulated, modern cavity walls.

The client's refurbished job included cedar cladding upstairs not only giving the house a new appearance but also camouflaging the new insulation applied to the exterior. The triple glazing and whole house ventilation with heat recovery have also helped to reduce the energy costs to a much lower amount than the smaller, older house. It is said that installing whole-house ventilation in an existing house is impossible, or very difficult at least. This is true in most cases, but if the requirement is taken on board in the early stages of the design process, then a solution can usually be found. In this case, the ductwork for the ground floor ventilation system was accommodated in the new roof spaces over the newly extended ground floor. A new sprocketed roof with new roof tiles was also added. The latest valuation has suggested that the cost of the refurbishment would be recovered if the house was sold, which is a comfort even though the owners have no plans to sell in the foreseeable future.

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