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Remodel in Olney

Our clients were known to us from a previous project and even though they did not carry out the work at the previous address, they were still very happy to re-engage us in the knowledge that we had done the best we could redesigning their old house - but it was never going to be their dream house. So they moved. They immediately contacted us at Building Tectonics to look at their new house because the property needed redesigning in terms of layout, the outdated kitchen and bathrooms, the entrance and the lack of connectivity with the rear garden. They also needed a study which was to be separate from the house so to create that separation between home and work. We came up with a number of options but some decisions were easy since in design terms there were clear contenders for best. Moving the entrance and creating a new entrance hall improved the curb appeal, improved interconnectivity between the reception rooms. It also allowed us to introduce a much needed new staircase, a design feature and focal point to the new impressive and beautiful hallway.

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