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We need builders.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

This year has seen an explosion of building work, ask any builder in Milton Keynes and he will probably say that he cannot commit to any new work until halfway through the new year. The construction industry is renowned for these boom and bust cycles. It is very sad that we cannot flatten out the peaks and troughs as it makes it hard for builders to cope with the demand when just a short while ago they were laying people off and no one was taking on trainees.

Our job is designing and an awful lot of our work is to do with back extensions, loft conversions, over garage extensions and all the other things that people do to their houses. We also obtain the necessary approvals for the building work, and we are quite often asked to find builders to give quotations for the work.

We have about 10 building companies which we regularly ask to give quotations for clients, and they are on our list because they have stood the test of time in that they are good builders, they do what they say they will do and they treat our clients with respect. Occasionally we ditch one and occasionally we find another one who is worthy enough to add.  We take no money for this from these builders, they are there purely on merit.

The problem we now face is that we are very busy as all the pent up demand is now unleashed and so many of our builders are declining to quote.  We are aware that there are many good solid builders out there whose paths we have never crossed. Many good small building companies never advertise and just go from job to job on the recommendation. Indeed some of our clients do not need us to find a builder because they have the name of someone who has come highly recommended. Sometimes these clients will wait months or a whole year for them to come free.

So here is the point of this blog. If you know a good builder please let us know as I would like to consider adding them to our list. As I say, we do not take anything for this service, it is something we do as a service to our clients.

Written by Tony Keller – Building Tectonics Ltd.

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