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Social media and digital media apprenticeship.

Updated: Sep 16, 2022


If you follow our blog at all then you may remember that we posted an entry last year about an event which we spoke at about apprenticeships, social media and digital marketing.

If you do not follow our blog, I will bring you up to speed now.

Building Tectonics is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (or FSB for short). Last November, the FSB hosted an event at which two of our employees spoke at. The event was about apprenticeships, social media and digital marketing and the employees were speaking about taking on an apprentice for this role from the point of view of a business and as the apprentice. The company who supplies the apprenticeship had two of their employees attend the event as well, one of which spoke from their point of view. Penny Power was also there giving her views on digital marketing and social media, giving a short crash course in how it can help you, and how digital media apprentices can benefit your businesses.

There was a high attendance at this event, and it was successful in increasing awareness of the benefits of employing an apprentice, and the impact which social and digital marketing can have on your business.

I received an email this week which made me realise that we had more impact on people at that event than we had initially thought. The company who supplies the apprenticeship which I completed got into contact with me to let me know about a new apprenticeship scheme they were starting due to the event.

Therefore we have not only brought awareness to business owners about the positives of the apprenticeships scheme, but we have helped to give people the chance too acquire new skills and maybe even a job through this new apprenticeship.

Upon further conversation with an employee of the apprenticeship supplier in question, it was said that employing a social media apprentice could definitely benefit you and your business too, in the sense that:

  1. They would bring your business up to date with competitors.

  2. The apprentice would learn how to monitor competitor activity online.

  3. It would increase your businesses online presence.

  4. The apprentice would understand how to make the most of free online advertising. So they will save you money on Advertising and Marketing.

  5. They don’t necessarily need to be supported or shown what to do by anyone in the business as their training is tailored to the business with constant support of their trainer.

  6. Government offer a grant of £1500 for taking on an apprentice

If you’d like any details on the apprenticeship, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Written by Jade Turney – Building Tectonics Ltd.

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