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Extension in Tattenhoe 

Our client wanted to increase the living space within their house, in particular, they also wanted a larger kitchen family area, and a space to sit with friends and enjoy the views on the sunnier side of their house.


They had already concluded that converting the garage into a livable space might be part of the answer, but our job was to show them how the new and existing spaces could be satisfactorily connected together.


The resulting scheme achieves a very spacious house, with rooms that allow for separate activities to take place without interference, but when the time is right, the doors can be opened to allow all of the spaces to fully interact. Large folding doors to the garden also allow the outside spaces to be used in conjunction too.

The client said the following:

“The design has also allowed for some flexibility in how we use our living spaces, which has meant that we have been able to make the most of the increased light coming from the bifold doors and velux windows. We’re delighted with the new living area and the vaulted ceiling has created even more of a spacious feel than we had anticipated”.


The client is extremely pleased with the end result as are we. To have choices in the way you use space is nice to have, and even though it is not ever requested by clients, we will suggest this to clients in future.


We had been recommended to this client by a previous client, which makes it so much more rewarding.

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